“Medicine, a Balanced Life & Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents”

“Medicine, a Balanced Life & Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents” – the theme of my presentation at a baby friendly conference for new parent doctors, at the London Zoo!
This coming Wednesday 23rd of May.
Can’t wait to be in the same room with all these babies and new mothers. And to meditate altogether!
My dodecalogue on a Balanced Life will include:
– Know Thyself (Socrates)
– To Help or at least To Do No Harm (Hippocrates)
– All in Good Measure (Delphi)
– You never step in the same river twice (Epictetus)
– Medicine is a branch of cooking (G.I. Gurdjieff)
– Do one thing at a time, with attention (John S Hunter)
– Let go (my mum)!

Workshop on “Diet according to Age, Season, Person & Place”

“Ancient Wisdom & Harmonious Diet” 

So you think you are eating well?

Did you know that ‘time, person & place’ matter for diet & health?

2,500 years ago, Hippocrates taught how dietary needs change with age, season of the year, personal characteristics and the place one lives. Now modern science has revealed more.

To find out more about the importance of individualised diet, come to our 2nd “Ancient Wisdom & Harmonious Diet” workshop with Dr Eleni.

Saturday 17 Jan 2015 12-2:00 pm

8-9 Hop Gardens (off St Martin’s Lane), London WC2N 4EH 

Suggested donation: £20 (includes Greek mountain tea & biscuits

More information & to register: ihealthbeing@gmail.com - 07958495537