The Health Being Institute presents

What are we made of? The Elemental in Ancient and Modern Medicine

A multidimensional workshop combining medicine, nutrition, history, philosophy and cooking

With Dr Eleni Tsiompanou, MSc Nutritional Medicine

Saturday 16 April 2016   12 – 2:30 pm

8-9 Hop Gardens, London WC2N 4EH

In ancient times medicine was elemental. The Ayurvedic system in the East and the Hippocratic system in the West both sought health through balance.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Has modern medicine lost the knowledge of the elements?
  • Do recent scientific findings support the wisdom of ancient practices?
  • Can knowledge of the elemental in medicine help us practically to benefit people’s health and the environment?

BOOK A PLACE  E:  T: 07958-495537 

W:    Tw: @DrEleni

‘Greek mountain tea’ and ‘Ayurvedic snacks’ will be provided

Chef: Mariana Ivanova   Cost: £20 per person