“Hellenic Dancing – an ancient form of art to warm the soul”

“The dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul.

Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of the gods” Plato

Hellenic folk dancing is a form of art still very much alive in the 21st century.

Some of the dances performed today originate in the very distant past, hundreds and thousands of years ago.

They often have a story to tell and, together with the music, they touch the heart and soul of people.

Dances carry the memories of societies and equally shape society and culture.

In this successful event we talked about dancing as an ancient form of art and communication.

Afterwards we took part in one of the most ancient sacred Greek dances,

symbolising in slow movement the efforts of Theseus to get out of the Labyrinth.




Nature – the Primary Medicine for Health & Way of Being


‘Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature Be Your Teacher’. William Worsdworth’s call to be immersed in Nature comes with a promise of a deeper understanding of life and of ourselves. In this Health-Being meeting we will explore what we can learn from Nature for our Health and our Being, but also how in the modern world, our relationship with her has created problems and challenges that we cannot afford to ignore.

Some say: ‘what use is Nature in the 21st century’? We simply reply that: the air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the soil in which we grow our food determine our existence. Nature can provide us with many products to sustain and support our physical, emotional and spiritual balance. What did Hippocrates mean when he wrote: ‘a physician is first and foremost Nature’s helper’? What natural resources can we use safely to help ourselves in times of good or ill health? And what can we give back to our Mother Nature, so that she doesn’t get emptied from the energies that we so much depend on? How can we make sure that we use and not abuse our natural environment given the inextricable connection it has with human health?

If we look and listen carefully to Nature’s geometry and language, we will understand everything better. This isn’t just a ‘trend’. Our future and the future of our children depends on it.