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“Anti-Inflammatory DIAITA: Diet & Lifestyle” Workshop, 11 March 2017, London

Following our last successful meeting on Anti-Cancer DIAITA, in this multi-dimensional workshop, I will expand on ways to reduce inflammation in the body, the primary cause of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, depression etc. I will explore Science, Medicine and Ancient Wisdom to find the available knowledge and understanding offered to […]

“DIAITA Against Cancer: Diet & Lifestyle Dodecalogue” Workshop

In this ANTI-CANCER DIAITA workshop, for World Cancer Day on the 4th of February, I’m going to dispel the myth that there is nothing people can do about cancer. Research shows that, with a healthier diet and lifestyle a third of the most common cancers can be prevented.   DIAITA, the ancient Greek word meaning “Way of Living”, is where the […]

“Seven Spices for Health”

Learn how to use spices in your everyday life to support your health. We will explore 7 spices for their medicinal properties but also for their ability to enhance the taste and smell of our food, bringing life to our mealtimes. “Food is Medicine”, Hippocrates the wise Greek physician of the 5th century BC wrote. When I was […]

“Brain Loving Foods & Lifestyle: Ways to Avoid Dementia” Workshop

What could we do to prevent dementia and even delay its’ progress? In this workshop, Dr Garuth Chalfont, from the Division of Health Research, University of Lancaster and Dr Eleni Tsiompanou from the Health-Being Institute, will discuss different natural and holistic interventions including: • modern Nutritional Medicine • functional foods developed in Japan • horticultural therapy • our […]

Workshop: “Six Tastes for Health & Wellbeing”

“My tongue is smiling”. What can help us say that? Our next multidimensional “Medical Kitchen Wisdom” workshop, combining Nutritional Medicine, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Hippocratic Medicine, Philosophy & stories is on the 14th of May 12-14:30 at 8-9 Hop Gardens (Woolman room), London WC2N 4EH. Theme: “Six tastes for Health & Wellbeing” We will explore: • the 6 tastes that are important for health […]

What are we made of? The Elemental in the Body and Cosmos

WHAT ARE WE MADE OF? On one level, this philosophical/existential question has been pondered by our ancestors since the beginning of time. Is it relevant today? Yes increasingly so. On another level, ‘what we’re made of’ can be answered in physical terms. We’re made of atoms, cells, minerals, nutrients, genes etc. But, if we put […]

“Fasting Can Save Your Life” Workshop

In this workshop find out  the first steps to fasting for your health Fasting allows the body to have a good ‘house-cleaning’ and a rest. It is a way to health and long life. Hippocrates said it: ‘the more you nourish a diseased body, the worse you make it’ Saturday 19 September 2015, 12 – 2:30 […]

Fasting for Health: Philosophy and Practice

Hippocrates described fasting as therapy. All the major religious traditions apply it in their spiritual practice. Gandhi used fasting making the personal political. Modern medicine rediscovers it. Want to hear more? Are you interested in the health benefits of fasting? Eager to find out the different ways of fasting for health, weight loss or treatment of […]